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At Atelier Tomita, we believe that by introducing simple self-maintenance habits in our daily life, just as we shower or brush our teeth, we can prevent most of body pain, stiffness or muscle tensions. It is strange that to this day, we take more care of our hair and nails than our own body. We want to eat healthy food, exercise, but we don’t even do simple body maintenance. We still rely on others and drugs to fix ourselves.


The body has powerful self-repair functions. To keep them to their optimum levels, let’s just start simple maintenance work !


At Atelier Tomita, you will first learn to know your own body better. You will gradually acquire a more acute sense of identifying where your body is stiffer and how this very point is directly linked to other stiff points. Then you will be taught how to release those tensions with appropriate techniques.


The TOMITA METHOD we use at Atelier Tomita is a combination of scientific body functions knowledge and several newly developed Japanese Setai (osteopathy) techniques. Most of them have been or are being studied and proven by medical doctors or physical experts. New technologies, such as sensors or scanners, have allowed to make tremendous advances in body functions.

There is no magic.


For example, it is now possible to analyze how great a sensor our skin is and how it affects our entire body. Based on these discoveries, new techniques have been developed to relief pain or tensions, by just the soft touch of the fingers at specific areas of the skin.


We also know now that massaging sore muscles can only worsen the condition. New techniques have been found to instantly relax the muscle by gently stimulating connected tendons with the point of the fingers.


Our grand-mothers have also been proven true, when saying, “Chew more and eat slowly!” The less we use saliva, and the less we chew, the more work we ask to our stomach and digestive system. Not all the nutrient can be absorbed just by gastric liquids, so no matter how healthy the food we eat, if we don’t start the digestive process in our very mouth, those nutrient will just go through. Asking all the work to our stomach and intestines result in swollen, stiff belly, stomachaches, lower back pain, and can lead to much greater health problems.


In simple words, Atelier Tomita aims at a global healthier world by adding a daily body-maintenance routine, alongside the toothbrush !



Norio Tomita has developed what he thinks a proper method to release body tensions that cause pain or body stiffness. The main principles are to avoid touching the painful area, find where the origin of the pain is located and take care of our own body. It is also very important to release the entire body tensions to help rebalance.


The hands techniques were developed with the scientific knowledge of body functions and based on several new Seitai (Japanese Osteopathy) methods that have been growing in the last few decades in Japan.


At Atelier Tomita, we believe that the TOMITA METHOD can help individuals to easily take care of their own body. During our workshops and private sessions, we introduce a whole variety of approaches to release body tension at specific points, adapting to each person's needs.


The TOMITA METHOD integrates some techniques from Japanese Seitai Methods. Here are a few :

Amagiryu Tojiho:

Developed by Rendo Sugimoto of Japan, it consists of releasing muscular tension by drawing lines on connected points of the body with the tip of the fingers or sometimes with a small “pick” and to “detach” stiff muscles from the bones. The effects are instant and are used for healthy body maintenance to prevent small injuries, it reliefs pain and stiffness, swollen legs or strained muscles. It has also proven to increase performance in sports and martial arts.



Namikoshi Shiatsu:

Developed by Tokujiro Namikoshi of Japan, Shiatsu is using finger pressure techniques to release muscle tension.

Nico-Nico Touch

Developed by Chisei Kono of Japan, this method utilizes the skin properties as the body’s main and most powerful sensor, to release tension and pain. It consists of simple “tickling” (Niko-niko means smiling in Japanese) of the skin while observing the precise ways it expands when the tension is released. This method has been developed on the base of renown Noguchi Seitai techniques.



Norio Tomita

President & Head Instructor


Norio Tomita is a Japanese Seitai Therapist who has developed the TOMITA METHOD, Japanese Osteopathy, which is based on several new japanese Seitai techniques. He has a medical software engineering background, and has worked for years with renown medical doctors.

Christine Lavoie-Gagnon

General Manager


Christine Lavoie-Gagnon is a Communications Specialist and Media Contents Producer. She has headed CLAGA in Japan for 10 years and has lead uncountable international projects.

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